martedì 20 gennaio 2009

Beacon sui 23 cm

Beacon on 23cm

During the EME contest of 15/16 November 2008, live EME signals could be heard here (with a delay of a few minutes to prevent cheating by the contest participants).
Now two recordings made during the contest are playing.

The first of these, shown in the upper waterfall display, was made on November 15 between about 2033 and 2047 UTC. The recording contains not only CW, but also SSB signals at some times. (The parts where PI9CAM was transmitting have been cut out, hence the interruptions every few minutes.)

The second recording, shown in the lower waterfall display, was made between about 0010 and 0020 UTC on November 16, when PI9CAM was making some QSOs on 23cm. You can see the strong signals from PI9CAM all over the band (overloading the receiver), but their actual signals, echos and QSOs are on 1296.030.

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Altro beacon sui 23 cm interessante Buon ascolto!! 1296.30 Mhz

73 Antonio ik1hgi

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